Orchid galore on top of Table mountain, South Africa

February in Western Cape, South Africa is high summer and most of the famous Fynbos flower season is over but there are still a few gems to discover. In higher altitudes, on top of Table mountain in Cape Town there is still flowers that just started their season.

The mountain rises abruptly over 1 000 meters above sea level and the easiest way to get up the mountain is by the cable car. In just a few minutes you can admire the spectacular view over Cape Town.

Even tough you can find orchids almost next to the cable car you have to take on a bit of hiking to get to see the pride of the mountain, the Red Disa. In close vicinity of the cable car you can find the Blue Disa, an orchid out of this world with its strong blue color, and Cluster Disas. The orchids are quite big and very colourful but still it can be a bit difficult to find them, you have to look carefully…

Red Disas – the Pride of the mountain

To find the Red Disas you need to do some hiking. Compared to hiking up the mountain these hikes are a breeze but they still involve some step uphill and downhill sections, but its worth every drop of sweat…

The Red Disas grows in small streams and seeps in what often is referred to as “the backtable” on Table mountain. When you find your first Red Disa its not a question of if it is the “right” species or not, this outstanding orchid is unmistakable. I hope you enjoy my images of these beauties.

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