Henrik Karlsson Photography AB


Henrik Karlsson, born 1968 in Växjö, Sweden. Henrik has a wide selection when it comes to subjects to take images of and tell stories about. He will be more than happy to photograph everything from insects to the orchids in the forest or the great wild animals around the world. He has the whole world as his photographic field but is more and more drawn to Africas beauty and wildness.

Henrik seeks images that capture the subject in its environment, this includes flowers as well as both big and small animals.

Henrik is an elected member of Naturfotograferna/N (Association of Swedish nature photographers) and PhotoNatura. He is also appointed as a National Geographic explorer.

Throughout the years Henrik has published three books and received several grants and awards in international photo competitions.

Henrik has a masters degree in Freshwater Ecology and has worked with wetland and river conservation for several years.



Orchids of Öland – The island Öland is one of Swedens most orchid rich regions. This book is an co-operation with illustrator Emma Tinnert. All orchid species of Öland are presented in high-quality photos and illustration.

Available in Swedish, English and German.


Wild Nordic – An epic volume in big format – based on high quality images and informative text about the diversity and uniqueness of the Nordic/Scandinavian nature. Sponsored by Nikon and National Geographic.

Available in Swedish.


Mångfaldens ö –  With informative text and high-quality photos this book tells the story about ecological interactions that have created one of the most diverse regions of Sweden, the island Öland.

Sold out.


I´m very proud and honoured that I have the privilege to work with a number of strong, active and really committed partners, without I wouldn’t have reached even close to where I am today.

Please find some of my dear partners below. I´m always on the look out for positive-thinking organisations, corporations and individuals to discuss new exciting opportunities ahead. Who knows, maybe out paths will take us to the same place.