Fine art prints

I offer only a limited numbered prints of every image worldwide, in all sizes. The editions varies from 1 to maximum 25. This means that your print is 1 of only 1 – 25 numbered prints in the entire world, including all sizes.

I issue certificates only upon request. From past experience I have found that people do not really know what to do with a certificate and it is also a little bit old fashioned now, in this digital age. Certificates are also easy to forge so you might need a certificate for your certificate, if you know what I mean? If you think about it, they offer little ‘authenticity’. Each print comes with a Henrik Karlsson signature and is numbered. You will deal directly with me, the photographer, when ordering your print. If however you want a certificate, this is very easy to do and I will include it with your print. Just let me know when you place your order.

Yes, it comes with a 5cm white border, to fit my signature on the bottom right and your limited edition print number on the bottom left. We then add an extra 2cm for the framers to handle the print.

NO! The given measure is the print size. The border is added on.

Depending on the size of your print is shipped either rolled in a cardboard sleeve and carefully wrapped in tissue paper or in a flat cardboard..

I strongly advise that you take the print straight to the framers and uncurl it there. Do not uncurl it at home and then transport it to the framers as the more the print is handled, the more the risk of damage. When you remove the print from the postal tube, the print will be curled. To uncurl the print do the following by using the postal tube and the tissue paper that comes with the print, nothing else is needed

1. Wash and dry hands to handle the print and do not touch the print surface,

2. Lay the curled print that was removed from postal tube on a flat surface

3. Cover the printed surface with tissue paper

4. Use the postal tube that the print was shipped in

5. Firmly and with care roll the covered print around the tube

6. Hold the rolled print for approximately 30 seconds in the rolled position

7. Unroll the print and remove the tissue paper – the print will be flattened.

Yes you can! You can get your print in any size, please get in contact with us we give you a quote.

Yes you can! If you have seen any other of my images that you want to purchase, please get in contact with me and let me know and I´ll give you a quote.

Yes, we ship all over the globe.

All prints are printed on demand, I keep no stock. Normally the print will be delivered in 2 weeks from the day your payment comes through. But form time to time it will take longer due to me travelling. You will get an estimated delivery time as soon as your payment is done. If you have a specific date you need the print to be delivered before please contact me and we work out a plan.

Giclee prints are renowned for their extreme longevity and for delivering integrity to original artwork and photographs, making this the preferred modern day printing method. Correctly cared for, your print should last generations.

Treat your print as you would any other extremely valuable fine art piece as your print is 1 of only a very limited edition in the entire world. Your print should not be hung in direct sunlight for prolonged periods and should not be kept in a place of high humidity, this can cause the paper to expand and bend. Prolonged direct sunlight is likely to cause discolouration in your print as it would with anything else like furniture, carpets, wallpaper etc. No solvents should come into direct contact with your print and also no finger tips, your fingers have oil on them. Don´t wipe a piece of dirt from the print surface with your finger, use a blower brush.

Please get your print framed as quickly as possible and always place the acid free tissue paper, that comes with your print, on top of it to avoid damage, until it is framed. Use professional framers and ask them to use the best materials for the tape, backing board, mounting board and matting board. Non-reflective glass with UV protection is also recommended and while this is not a must, it will help your print to stand the test of time.


I do ask for payment up front and payment can be done with credit card or via an invoice and bank transfer. You choose payment method when checking out in the store.

Yes, VISA and Master card are accepted.

Yes, sales tax are included in the price.

Shipping & Returns

Returns are only accepted if there is something wrong with the product on delivery. If your product is delivered with any faults please document it and get in contact with me. You will get a new product delivered asap.

If you want to change anything or even cancel the order you can do that as long as the prints is NOT yet printed or the order is packed and shipped. Please contact me.


Still have questions?